Sausalito has long stood out for its authenticity, creativity, character, and maritime way of life. No part of Sausalito embodies that history and connects past to future more than the Marinship—one of the last working waterfronts on the west coast.  

The industrial heart of the Marinship is its inventors, welders, electricians, carpenters, and machinists, wooden boat builders, ship rights, riggers, and sail makers, and painters, sculptures, photographers, and fashion designers who collaborate daily on inventive and inspiring maritime, light industrial and artistic projects. It is a community that values character, collaboration, and creativity, as well as nature, the ocean, and technology.  The tradition of technical innovation is the lifeblood of the Marinship. Its creativity and active community of artists and innovators is what has led many to refer to as the “saltiness” of Sausalito.

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Marianne Dolan, is a 27-year year resident of Galilee Harbor and producer/director of the documentary Houseboat Wars, the story of the boat builders, artists, and musicians outwitting developers on the Sausalito waterfront for 40 years and winning the right to create Galilee Harbor


Nora is a long time resident of the houseboat community, she specializes in photography & garment design and currently works as an in house photographer & graphic designer at a Sausalito based clothing company.


The concept of ‘place is central to all that I do. I am an artist by trade and geographer by training, The Marinship is deep within me: I grew up on the Sausalito houseboats, traveled the world for 20 years, and returned to a boat and art studio in the Marinship. I incorporate local materials – local wool, found objects, natural earth pigments – to create interactive installations, wall art, wearable art and home goods. They range from the conceptual to the decorative, and are designed to be exactly where they are.


Inventor + Machinist

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