We are all doing our part to keep our communities safe and healthy, and protect at risk populations from the spread of infectious disease. This is truly a new era, where most jurisdictions nationwide will require some form of face covering when going out in public, visiting friends, and interacting with businesses.

We are eager in the Marinship to do our part to contribute to the need for face coverings, and are fortunate to have world renowned artisans constructing hand crafted, sophisticated works of art as options in the face mask market.  You may need a face covering for a business meeting, or another for a jog.  We offer a range of materials, filters and non filters to choose from.

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I create each mask with intention for it to embody an idea. I consider each design element to incorporate these concepts, everything from the structure to the fabric type and thread color. I especially enjoy crafting custom requests.  Making masks integrates my present life as an artist with my ‘past’ life as an environmental health policy advisor at the United Nations.


One of a kind, artist made masks. Not for grocery shopping, but for feeling sexy, going out even! Perforated leather lined with 2 layers of hand dyed cotton. Keep your saliva in but your style out. Comfortable, forgiving in fit, and not too hot. Hand wash in warm water with soap and air dry.


Masks are made to order with a variety of 100% natural,  two-sided fabric, reinforced metal nose strip & adjustable ties, These masks are machine washable and very comfortable to wear. With each mask purchased 10% will be donated to MEMM (Marinship Emergency Medical Manufacturing Group)


It was sewing that gave me the confidence to become a filmmaker.  As I watched a film editor, I realized that editing was pretty much like sewing, so I knew I could do it.  I’m delighted to be making masks that lift the spirits a bit and bring a smile to folks we pass on the paths.

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