Following the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, Marinship businesses sprang into action, fabricating and delivering PPE face shields to the medical community and to local law enforcement,  prototyping a new PAPR respirator, sewing handcrafted fabric masks, and working to manufacture hand sanitizer.  The Marinship community has banded together to feed its residents and neighbors through programs like No Neighbor Left Behind, and the emergence of local producers supplying daily baked goods and produce, and employing people in need.  As our planet emerges from the Covid-19 epidemic we seek to offer the Marinship as a model of a future where innovation, artist, maritime and light industrial uses are recognized for their agility and ability to respond quickly to communities in need.


Hospitals around the country have put out a call for help.

The industrialists in the Marinship stepped up to do just that! Marinship Emergency Medical Manufacturing was born to quickly and safely manufacture emergency medical supplies and sending them, for FREE, to hospitals, care facilities, and front line workers here in Marin and beyond. 

CocaCola Co donated a 3,600lbs roll of plastic and the community donated their time and expertise.
MEMM is now producing more than a 1,000 face shield per day at two shops in the Marinship. Volunteers are sanitizing at the Bay Model and shipping the shields around the country. 

MEMM also produced 45 gallons of hand sanitizer which it distributes fo free to Sausalito residents, retirement homes, and care facilities. 



As masks became an important tool for slowing the spread of COVID-19, artists from the Marinship went to work making masks that were not only helpful, but comfortable and beautiful, an accessory you will be proud to wear.


Mask being ubiquitous is key! Sculptor, Lauren McKeon, inventor ,Reason Bradley, and Starbuck Canvas Works got together to create easy to assemble DIY mask kits.

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