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Sausalito Police Department in Face Shield Made By MEMM
Personal Masks Made by Artists for Children and Adults


The Marinship, located in Sausalito, CA is home to the most intact of remaining WWII shipyards and one of the last historic working waterfront communities in the nation. Its cultural legacy of maritime craftspeople, artists and artisans has evolved into a community of Dreamers, Doers, Makers, Artists and Artisans. This stretch of land, just over 1 mile long, contains unique technical and physical infrastructure (including the historic WWII shipways), artists and studios, and light industrial businesses.

Today and every day, the Marinship is a thriving ecosystem of artists, maritime services, floating home builders, and light industrial leaders. The Marinship inspires innovation and creativity, in a collaborative community oriented environment.


We believe in a robust ecosystem that supports the Marinship’s talented light-industrial businesses, specialized micro-manufacturers, maritime craftspeople, and local artists.  

The COVID-19 Pandemic and associated economic shocks have made clear the importance of community, sustainability, and culture and diversifying the local economy to mitigate systemic economic risks. In many ways, it seems more important now than ever that we work to build a beautiful and thriving Marinship.

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Sausalito Police Department in Face Shield Made By MEMM

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